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Grade 430

Grade 430 (1.4016) is the most common ferritic stainless steel grade in sheet form.

Approximate Composition – 17% Cr (exact composition ranges vary between EN and ASTM standards).

This grade combines the following characteristics:

•    Fair corrosion resistance
•    Fair weldability (in thin sections)
•    Excellent deep drawing properties
•    Cost effectiveness due to absence of nickel
•    Hygienic surfaces
•    Magnetic
•    Thermal expansion comparable to carbon steel

Indoor conditions are usually compatible with the use of 430 (1.4016). Mild chemicals such as detergents and cleaning fluids are safe to use with this grade.

Typical applications include:

Washing machine drums, cutlery, kitchen utensils, catering equipment, microwave oven liners, kick plates, lifts, induction heated pots and pans, cooker hobs, air extraction units, automotive trim, hose clamps, window hinges. 430 (1.4016) is a cost-effective material in many mild environments and will continue to be so for many years.