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Seamless stainless steel tubes


  • Seamless stainless steel TUBES cold / hot
    OD: 6 – 630 mm,   
    WT: 0.5 – 30 mm

Stainless pipe is an essential element for the production of all kinds of technical equipment. Such advantages of steel as the support of strength and elasticity in high load, make it virtually indispensable material.

It should have in mind that the steel pipe can be easily welded, although the geometry of the welded pipe is considerably inferior to the geometry of seamless pipes

Stainless steel pipe can be made in many ways, but within a certain diameters only small amounts of suitable methods for producing steel pipes. This circumstance should be taken into account when organizing the production process.

The main methods in the production of stainless steel pipe are hot and cold deformation, which could change the form of ready product

The production with using hot deformation is possible to divide in principle into two main stages. As a result of first stage of the ingot is heated to the deformation temperature, is sewn and the formed hollow bar. During the second stage the hollow bar is drawing into the tube of the desired diameter. Hollow bar called hollow billets, for their receiving use special press piercing mill.

For a small-diameter stainless steel tube billet is drawn through two ways:

  • stainless pipe as a result of the extrusion process;
  • stainless pipe as a result of the rolling process.

Stainless steel pipe of large diameter needs to use drawing press. To make the final size the traditional or special calibration tube-rolling mills use.

At steel mills as a raw material used cast round, square or polygonal bars rolled round or square billets and ingots. In today's market a stainless pipe demand as ever and although all production processes are automatic, quality control of products takes place without human intervention at all stages and phases.

Stainless steel pipe used in cold and hot water, heating piping installation for the outside of the buildings and indoors. The main advantage of stainless steel pipes is steel, of which they were created. This material does not show the negative impact on water quality.

Stainless steel tubes are classified into several types. Depending on the profile of stainless steel tubes are round and shaped.

They are used for heating plants, machine parts, pipes, as well as in the food industry. They seem to be very strength and high resistance to intergranular corrosion and can withstand great pressure.