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Steel grades

"ATZT EUROMETALL" LTD. has at its warehouses a wide range of products with corrosion, heat-resistant and heat-resistant steel grades listed below.

By order can be delivered duplex and super duplex steels, nickel-based alloys

Russian steel grades Foreign analogues
12Х18Н10Т AISI 321
12Х18Н10 AISI 304
03Х18Н11 AISI 304L
12Х17 AISI 430
08X17T AISI 430Ti
20-40Х13 AISI 420
08Х13 AISI 409
12X13 AISI 410
08X17H12M2 AISI 316
10Х17Н13М2Т AISI 316Ti
03Х17Н14М2 AISI 316L
20Х23Н18 AISI 310S
08X18Н5 AISI 202
12Х15Г9НД AISI 201