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Sheet surface

GOST 5582 EN 10088 DIN 17440 ASTM A480 Finish Surface condition Notes

hot-rolled, without heat treatment and descaling

with scale

for products with further processing, eg. strip for temper rolling

  I c  

hot-rolled, with heat treatment without descaling

with scale

for with mechanical treatment parts or for use in the high temperature environment

  II a  

hot-rolled, without heat treatment and mechanical descaling

without scale

kind of mechanical descaling: rough grinding or shot blasting, depends on the type and shape of steel products

М2б М3б М4б 1D, N1 c2 (II a)  

hot-rolled, heat treated, pickled

without scale

usual standard for many types of steels, provides corrosion resistance, normal execution for further processing, less smooth than 2B and 2D


hot-rolled, hardened, pickled

without scale


  f (III a) TR

cold, hardened


cold deformed for increased strength

  2C III s  

cold rolled, heat-treated without descaling

smooth, with scale, after heat treatment

for details with additional descaling and machining or for use in the high temperature environment.

М2а М3а М4а 2D h (III b) 2D

cold rolled, heat-treated, pickled


better flexibility, but less smooth than 2B or 2R

  2B h (III c) 2B

cold rolled, heat treated, pickled, temper rolled

more smooth than 2D

to increase corrosion resistance, surface quality, flatness at many types of steel; suitable for further processing, Training can be done with editing stretching.

  BA m (III d) 2R

cold rolled, bright annealed

smooth and bright, with reflection

smoother and lighter than 2B, suitable for further processing


cold rolled, heat-treated mechanically descaled, pickled

silver-matt or glossy


  2M, 2W    

textured (on one side) decorative pattern

unilateral model rolling, embossed drawing

surface of the sheet has a clear (50 micron) pattern


Cold rolled, with annealing and pickling, abrasion grain from 150-400

silver matt, rough (satin, hair)



cold-rolled, polished (fine grinding)

smooth silver matt



wet processing with abrasive, polishing

super mirror

surface is very smooth, reflective, clear reflection

  N8 HY, N4 HY, HL HY    

wet processing with abrasive, polishing,  patterning with chemical etching (20 30 microns), correction

super mirror with drawing, sanded with drawing

surface is smooth, the impression of three-dimensional